Fun Fall Activities in North Conway: Halloween, Oktoberfest, Leaf Peeping, and More!

fall events north conway There is so much to see and do in North Conway besides taking in the beautiful fall foliage. There are plenty of Halloween events and Autumn celebrations to keep you busy all October long. Here are just a few of the fun attractions well worth at trip to the White Mountains:

  • The Cranmore Mountain Ghoullog is back for a seventh season with 15,000 square feet of spooky scary goodness styled as the Mercer Home for the Criminally insane. Can you make it through the dark woods, indoor twists and turns, and spectacular nighttime chair lift? We offer discount tickets at the front desk, so be sure to pick some up when you check in for a stay at the Inn.
  • Attitash Mountain and Loon Mountain are both offering Oktoberfest celebrations. Atttiash's features Bavarian music by King Ludwig's Band, dancing, Stein Hoisting, and the ever-popular Keg Toss competition. There's plenty of German food, a biergarten stocked by local and regional brewers, and fun games for the kids. Loon Mountain's celebration features draft beers by Harpoon and delicious German specialties like sauerbraten, bratwurst, knockwurst, potato pancakes, and red cabbage. Music by the Alpiner Oompah band, a stein holding contest, the Stein Slalom Race, a Keg Toss, Keg Bowling, and a Yodeling contest will also be included, as well as cornhole, water balloons, and other fun activities for kids.
  • ghoullog-logoThe popular Hobo and Winnipesaukee Railroad features special Fall Foliage trains that take you through some of the best leaf peeping spots in the area. The Hobo Railroad takes you along the Pemigewasset River and the Winnipesaukee Railroad goes to Weirs Beach along Lake Winnipesaukee. There are also Folliage Dinner trains along the lake featuring Turkey Dinners catered by Harts Turkey Farm.
  • For smaller kids the Silly Spooky Halloween Extravaganza is a great pick at Santa's Village. There are spooky areas for older kids and fun areas for the little ones, with plenty of shops, trick or treating, rides, and more for a safe, friendly experience. Put on your Halloween costume and get in on the fun.
  • Squam Lakes Natural Science Center has a Halloween Hoot N Howl for all ages, with a guided tour around the Science Center Grounds featuring live skits with a seasonal theme followed by games and treats. Costumes are encouraged.
  • Settlers' Green hosts a safe Trick or Treating environment and shopping experience at its Haunted Happenings on October 26th, as well as a Zombie walk that evening from 5-89 that organizers hope to be the biggest zombie gathering in Northern New Hampshire. The Zombie costumes will be judged and the winners will get a $100 gift certificate to Settlers' Green, so put on your very best ooze and shamble and get out on the Zombie Dance Floor!
  • There's something for everyone this fall in North Conway. When you call to make your reservation, ask the front desk about making other arrangements as well for some of these fun events!
Written by Tiffany Hutton
01 October 2013, 13:21
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