Snowmobiling in North Conway New Hampshire

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The North Conway area of New Hampshire is perfectly situated in the heart of great snowmobiling country. New Hampshire has almost 7,000 miles of snowmobile trails, from routes through national parks and public lands to those that wind through various public and private lands thanks to arrangements made by local snowmobile clubs. With the picturesque White Mountains all around and well-mapped routes that will take you in and out of little hamlets, through the wilderness, and even right up to the Canadian border, you could spend a lifetime exploring. If all you have is a winter vacation, there are plenty of options right by the Green Granite. 

The closest to the Inn is the lovely Corridor 19 trail, maintained by the Ossipee Valley Snow Mobile Club. It connects to several other trails and trail systems. As the OSVSMC explains on their website, "The OVSC trail system travels across Rte 16 from White Lake State Park (at Canoe King) to the North and South on Corridor 19. South on 19 to Polly’s Crossing thru Ossipee village on the historic rail bed and connects to the Seven Lakes SMC area and the Wolfeboro club trails. To the North on Corridor 19 to the intersection at the Kancamaugus Highway and the Mountain Meadows Riders Trails." Corridor 19 corridor can also take you to a spectacular two mile climb up Black Cap Mountain where there is an unbeatable view at 2100 feet up. 

About 10 minutes from the Green Granite is Northwestern Extremes snowmobile rentals. They sell maps and offer guided tours that are great whether you're a beginner or simply want to be introduced to the locals' favorite trails. Lil' Man Snowmobile Rentals is a little further away-- about 30 minutes, but right in the White Mountain National Forest. For those bringing their own snowmobiles, the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association has a great brochure online and in print that shows the network of Corridor and Primary trails statewide, though it is not as detailed as some local maps will be. 

In addition to Corridor 19, the Bear Notch system is a short drive away, as is Route 230. Bear Notch is closed loop with some branch trails that is well recommended for beginners and intermediate snowmobilers, with many parts converted from old cross country routes. Like most New Hampshire snowmobile trails, Bear Notch opens up to other networks. From there you can leave the closed loop and explore the many many miles that twist around the White Mountain National Forest.

No matter where you choose to snowmobile, the Green Granite Inn is conveniently located for both outdoor adventures and creature comforts. After a day cruising the countryside, you can be confident there is somewhere warm, comfortable, and inviting to return to. Near trailheads and rental outfits as well as across the street from the Blackcap Grille and minutes from shopping, other eateries, and plenty of attractions, it's the perfect balance. 

Photo Credit: IvoDivo via Compfight cc

Written by Tiffany Hutton
30 November -1, 00:00
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