The Green Granite is Your Ultimate Rock Climbing Home Base!

white mountain attractions The White Mountains do far more than attract scenery-searching tourists and sweethearts, nineteenth century artists from the White Mountain school, and holiday skiiers. North Conway has long been a fantastic destination for rock climbers, too. Since 1931, one of the most famous ascents has been a 500 granite wall called Cathedral Ledge that remains a favorite for locals and travelers alike.

Nearby Cathedral is the Whitehorse Ledge, a challenging stretch of over 800 feet with six pitches. Both faces have several climbing areas of different difficulties, accessible from gorgeous trails that are not to be missed at any time of year. When you count all the various crabs, back country destinations, and other faces, there are about 2,000 diffrent climbs one can make.

For those who are less experienced, there are schools that can help you hone your skills and learn about your equipment. The International Mountain Climbing School. Their classes include technical topics like Advanced Rock Climbing, Rock Anchor and Protection Clinics, Rock Leader course, Rock Self-rescue courses, and classes on Top Rope Anchoring and Crevasse Rescue, along others. The school has been serving clibmers in the Mount Washington Valley since 1979 and has everything from indoor classes for beginners to expeditions of all sorts. There's even a Mount Washington mountaineering adventure you can sign up for!

No matter how long you've been climbing or you level of expertise, there's a climb for you in the White Mountains. Next time you stay at the Green Granite, be sure to bring your gear and start heading up a fun face like Thin Air, Across the Unierse, Moby Grape, or Toe Crack! You'll quickly understand why North Conway has been a hot destination for climbers for over 80 years!

Photo Credit: jasonb42882 via Compfight cc

11 July 2013, 16:21
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