Green Granite: The North Conway Hotel for Moose

north conway hotels North Conway is well known as a destination for anyone who loves the great outdoors. With the beautiful White Mountains, the nearby Saco River, and plenty of places to bike, hike, ski, and ATV, there’s so much to see and do. Many visitors have delighted in sightings of New Hampshire’s wildlife populations, including the occasional bear and plenty of moose.  Anyone who has stayed at the Green Granite knows how we love the local moose, from the moose in our lobby to the moose in our logo.

Moose have not always had a happy story in North Conway. When the area was first settled, hunters brought the moose population down to just 13 by 1898. Fortunately, the area’s forests were preserved and state and federal organizations that regulated fish, game, and natural parks brought the area’s wildlife populations back into balance. Today there are many moose throughout New Hampshire’s beautiful forests.

326972 298375320192551 1052920260 oThe New Hampshire Fish and Game Department advises any tourists hoping for a moose sighting should try Route 3 north of Pittsburg to the Canadian border; Route16 north of Milan to the Maine Border; Route 26 east of Dixville Notch to the Maine Border; Route 112 from Lincoln  east to the Bear Notch Road; Route 110 north of Berlin to Rte 110A. Or you can simply take to the woods at dusk from May-October and hope for good luck while you enjoy the White Mountains many other magnificent sights.

Kayakers have also had good luck spotting moose, as moose often feed on plants that row near ponds and lakes in the early morning and at sunset. If you are already interested in exploring New Hampshire’s waterways or are excited for some fishing, you just might see a moose in the bargain. There are also some popular moose tours north and east of the Green Granite, such as the popular Gorham Moose Tours near Moose Brook State Park and Pemi Valley Moose Tours in Franconia Notch State Park.

One thing is for sure, if you are looking for a magical wildlife experience, Green Granite is the perfect North Conway Hotel, putting you right on the edge of some of the best state parks in New Hampshire. To prepare for your trek into moose country, pick up supplies at L.L. Bean store and grab a hearty breakfast at Peach’s Restaurant or Priscilla’s. Both have big excellent breakfasts and a homey, welcoming atmosphere. When you are weary from the woods and ready to relax, you can return to civilization and enjoy North Conway’s many fine restaurants, shops, and more, as well as the Green Granite’s comfy beds. We’re sure that our moose in the lobby would love to hear all about your adventures!



Written by Tiffany Hutton
12 August 2013, 10:08
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